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Consider who your audience is and what they would think if they received a printed piece that is more casual versus more professional. If your business is an art gallery or has an upscale clientele, it may be better to use a professional printer. On the other hand, a taco shop that has a temporary, over-the-counter promotion using flyers may not require a professional printer. Also, if you are printing small quantities of a hundred or less or if you need your prints quickly, a professional printer might not be the way to go. Set up time and costs are expensive for professional printers. Lastly, consider what your competitors are doing and try to do it better. As a consumer yourself, what would your expectations be?

Print quality has improved tremendously on the low-end and high-end of printing over the past five years. Expectations are now much higher than they were before. When you have the budget to do it professionally, you should definitely NOT do it yourself. Why? Because professional printing offers so many options for paper quality, coating finishes, high resolution printing, colors and is more flexibility in cutting, folding, embossing, binding, and so on.

Find out what the strengths and limitations are on the equipment you're printing on and then design your marketing materials accordingly. Sometimes gradations in certain colors don't show up well on laser copy machines and you usually can't print to the edge of the paper. In addition, keep your designs simple and use strong messaging and headlines. Usually when you use powerful headlines and subheads on marketing pieces, readers don't notice the limitations of printing because they are captivated by the message. If you depend heavily on the visual aspect, more is riding on the print quality. Conclusion: Do-it-yourself print works better with a strong message.

Uniquely productize

Does your company brand represent you for who you are? Are you better than your company brand leads you to believe? If you are like most companies, you represent yourself poorly compared to the quality of service you provide. You don’t have articulate brand messaging that reveals to consumers your unique qualities; you don’t have a website or marketing materials that reflect your company's personality and character; your marketing and advertising approach doesn’t align with who you want to be; and your overall brand has been pieced together reactively as opposed to a proactive, methodical formation.

Many marketing directors or business owners will think of individual marketing campaigns and marketing materials based on priority and budget, without giving consideration to the big picture and their long term goals.

For most companies it’s not too late to develop a brand or revise your old brand. Rebranding from time to time is almost a necessary thing. Markets change, consumer habits change, companies remove or add services and products, and many other influences may affect the need for a revised company brand. Overall the important thing to remember is that you will be paying for any branding shortcuts you make, so do it right the first time, because missed opportunities can be very expensive.

Dramatically integrate

Although you can find a high level of creative website design in Ghana, consumers, business executives and business owners need to be careful when considering how effective a website will be when it is launched. Effective website design in Ghana and across the globe is built on two primary objectives: First, to connect with the viewer emotionally, and second, to be coherent in thought and functionality so that the viewer is prompted to take an action. Believe it or not, most website designers, programmers and business leaders become so immersed in the making of the website that these two basic objectives are forgotten.

It is imperative that your website design works for you, that you lead the viewer through a journey that you want them to take and ask of them what you want of them. Phoenix is among the best in the country, so when choosing a web design company to build your site, make sure the focus is on your end goals, the personality and character of your audience and your company and the path you want your viewers to take when they land on your website.

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